Memorandum of insurance

Welcome to Reitmans Canada Limited (DBA Reitmans, Penningtons and RW&CO.) Memorandum of Insurance web site.

Many large corporations are moving to an electronic Memorandum of Insurance (“MOI”) as their means of providing evidence of insurance.

The MOI provides confirmation of the Insurance currently in place and clearly outlines pertinent information found on a certificate of insurance and is an acceptable method of confirming current policy coverage information.

The difference between the MOI and Certificates of Insurance is that the MOI has no signature, the certificate holder’s name is not shown, nor does it show the standard cancellation clause.

Our policies provide to any party with which the Named Insured has contractually agreed to include as Additional Insured, Mortgagee, and/or Loss Payee that such status is granted.

As the MOI is available to view on our website at any time, it reduces paperwork, phone calls and faxes and you can print a copy for your files.

You can view the MOI at any time, subject to website maintenance and information updates.

To view our MOI, please select the type of certificate and click on the hyperlink below:

For further information on the MOI, please contact our Insurance Consultants, Alpha Risk Management (Canada) Inc. at 514-844-1145, or by email