Why Reitmans (Canada) Limited

At RCL (as we affectionately call ourselves), every moment of every day revolves around our customers and our love of fashion. We believe fashion empowers our customers to put their best foot forward when it matters the most. From the design table to the stores, we are always finding new ways to create memorable experiences, backed by a strong brand portfolio and powered by the most passionate people in the industry.

Ready to join a Montreal-based, Canadian fashion company with a great success story where you can have a voice and make a real difference? Explore the many ways to wear a career in fashion retail.

Inspiring Moments

Whether we connect through giving back to our community, dressing up with colleagues for Halloween or celebrating the small victories with our team, at RCL, F also stands for Fashion and Fun!

  • 5,000Employees
  • 95Years in the fashion business
  • 95%+Head Office Employees equipped to work from home
  • 550KSquare footage of working area at our Distribution Center
  • 22KKMs walked to date for Weekend to End Women’s Cancers
  • 1,000+Items of clothing given to charities every month

Why my RCL career is inspiring

RCL is the only company where we encourage people to use the F word as often as possible. F for Fashion of course!


RCL has always impressed me. It is an extremely reputable and growing company that has endless opportunities for professional growth. I take pleasure in learning new things and I feel that RCL gives me the opportunity to broaden my exposure to a wide range of new responsibilities within a variety of departments.



Reitmans (Canada) Limited has been an integral part of Canadian communities for close to 95 years and we believe in the importance of doing our part. Whether through corporate donations, donation of clothing or various community initiatives that bring together our employees and promote women’s health and welfare, giving back to the community is deeply rooted in our identity and our ways.

Giving back to the community has always been a natural part of who we are and the way we do business. I find it really moving to see our employees come together to support various causes that have a special meaning to them. It’s part of what makes us such a tightly knit team.